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Unfortunately some songs come from places of anger and frustration, and i guess if there is one of those on this record, well, here it is. This song was written after a big argument I had with a friend of mine….oh gosh, lets not beat around the bush, it was with a girl I used to date, and I guess the song was just an outburst of how I felt at the time, mixed with some words that were exchanged, and also some things I made up as well. When I write a song I take an idea, event, emotion, etc, and I build on it, sometimes it retains the same shape as the initial idea, and sometimes there is an abstraction that takes place. So essentially what I was trying to say is, Yes I’m selfish, and I know it, but so are you, and thats why we’re both unhappy.

Now obviously those were temporary feelings based on one strenuous event. Life’s pretty good if you ask me.


I wrote this song in about 5 minutes when I was sitting in the podcast room at my old job.  I was waiting for a video podcast to upload to our site, and started thinking about what I should do for my great friend (Adam Kegg) who was about to marry his wonderful wife.  At that time (consistent with today as well), times were tough and funds were tight, so I thought about maybe writing a song.  This song hit me, it scribbled it down, sang the melody into my phone recorder, and the rest is history.

Look for a new and improved version of this song to be put on the new record.  There was this band Mercy Me, who put one song of theirs on 3 or 4 straight lbums because they liked it so much, and eventually it reached the masses and changed their career.  It worked for them, so why not.

UPDATE – Adam and his wife Connie have been married for 2 years (maybe longer), and have a great looking son named ben who thankfully looks nothing like Adam….just kidding bro, you know I love ya.



This song was a tough one for me.  Its one of those songs about heartbreak, and thats always a tough subject to talk about.  I wrote this song based on my experiences with being hurt, as well as a friend of mine that was going through the same thing.  His in particular was especially tough because he was dealing with a broken heart, and the fact that she had moved on and gotten married.

The scout mentioned in this truck, is the one I would work on at night when I had a lot on my mind.  I would occasionally take it out really late at night, because it was not tagged or inspected, and cruise around with this little radio I had.  That scout was sold to pay for the completion of the record.  I never really got it fixed the way I wanted to, but I sure learned a lot about vehicles, and I guess that is what matters.

When we shot the cover for the record, we also shot this video…this was a really long day, but I wanted the song, the album cover, and the music video to have the same feel, location, etc.

The backstory of the video is addiction.  Its about a guy who has lost everything because of his lack of control over his “demons”.  He struggles with just giving up, and turning it around, despite the reality that it may never bring back the things that are lost.



This show w/ Gloriana at the House of Blues had me worried at first….I had never played in front of so many younger people, well at least in this band, so I was not quite sure how we would be received.  I mean let’s just face it, we’re not pop country and I’m not super young looking at least according to the average 13 year old.  Anyways, it turned out to be a really great show, and the fave song among the youth….”Houston”

I should have known…



My friend Brett Dillon, who also happens to be the best Disc Jockey I’ve ever heard (listen to 95.3 the Range from 10-4 Mon-Fr) put this awesome video together and I wanted to share it with you guys.  Check it out!



In an effort to be more dilligent at posting blogs and such, I decided it may be interesting for you guys to see how some of these songs came about.  I’m just gonna go track by track in order, and explain how each one came into existence.

“The Devil That You Know”

This is the very first song I wrote for the record, it was the first song I had written in 10 years.  When I started playing bass, I guess I gave up on songwriting and just focused on bass, and this was the first thing that was penned down.  From then on, I realized that country music was once again surfacing in my soul.

I was driving home from my day job, and I had just received a very good offer from a competing company, but it was going to be much more demanding, much more time consuming and quite a bit further of a commute every day.  The money was going to be much better, but everything else was uncertain.  I called my mother to get her advice and amongst the infinite wisdom that she seems to have, she said, “the devil that you know is better than the devil that you don’t”….meaning, this new job may seem better, but you have a flexible gig where youre at, and you want to play music, so why would you go work somewhere else that is NOT going to help you reach that goal.

That saying stuck with me for a few weeks, and it all hit me one day.  I started thinking about a friend of mine who got a “girl pregnant at the age of 18″, and it all started coming together.  They got married very young, divorced very young, and he moved on with his life and so did she….sort of.

Seven years later, she ends up pregnant again, and it ends up being his!  They got married at the JOP (for the second time), and now they have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, a 9 year old daughter, and a son on the way.  Folks, I can’t make this stuff up.

Just goes to show you….what it shows you, thats for you to decide.


When making that statement, I mean, its hard to switch gears between, promoter, booking agent, radio promoter, etc….It almost seems like when a music group is in the ground stages, that the art and honing of creative skills is the least important. For example, you may have the best songs in the world, but if you don’t compete to get into places that will allow you to play, then it will be extremely hard for your music to surface. I think the biggest challenge for me is the business end of the industry. Don’t get me wrong, I have by no means “arrived” as a performer/guitarist/or singer, but Im passionate about those things and I work to improve them because I love what I get to do… but calling venues to get bookings – lets just say that is not where my passion lies.

Now my venting is over, God is good, the weather outside is amazing, and the best is yet to come.


I have been writing songs for about two years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how a song will come into existence.  I mean, really, I can’t give myself credit for writing anything profound or overly creative, because it seems as though I just sort of fall into it by accident.  Sort of like I fell into this whole country music/lead singer thing.  I never saw it coming, and I guess thats why I smile at the whole thing every once in a while.

I have spent months on songs that will probably never be completed or see the light of day, and I just wrote a whole song five minutes ago, that took, well 5  minutes to write.  Sure, there needs to be another verse (because I repeated the one I had), but other than that, she is ready to go.  Sometimes its easy, sometimes its hard and sometimes it never gets finished….thats what she said.

I guess its all about the journey though, some songs need to be completed so that others will have the chance at being written, and some may never be finished, if only to show that God is in control, and I cant do anything on my own.



Check out jackcountymusic.com, we re-did the site, so let us know what you think!!!


I had to start a new blog today, not like the other one was going crazy with posts or anything, actually, I could not seem to remember the password.  I tried to reset it and it did not seem to work, so I guess I just decided to move on.  Some things are easier to move on from than others, this was an easy one.

Today I am working on new music for the record, I have been working on this song (about a car), and cannot seem to get it figured out.  However, I think today is the day it will come together.


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